Native Designs

Contemporay photography & fine art

Photography is a love my grandfather and I share in common. Life, for whatever it's tragedy, is full of beauty and adventure. It can bring a great deal of joy to share that, so here is a space for special moments.

The idea with these photos is that everyone should be able to enjoy them. Whether you're a traveller drinking coffee in a cafe far from home, holding your hands to the Wifi for warmth, or a businessperson with a love of art & natural spaces, I'd like this page to be an offering to you.

Please feel free to use what you like as desktop or phone backgrounds, to make beautiful art.... you'll think of something πŸ™‚ Sometimes in holding things back for profit we rob the world of something that could be great.

I do make prints, and have spent the last 10 years testing and making pieces on all manner of material, from recycled wood and MDF board to bamboo, fine art print papers to corrugated iron. I even put a valley in someone's kitchen (It was a splashback ;-))

If you would like to support the work done by Honest Means, please consider promoting or requesting my services, or explore our exhibition of worksΒ to find something nice for yourself πŸ™‚ I'm available for contact any time about commission pieces and am happy to help businesses looking for photography that's web-ready, or big enough to go on a wall somewhere.