Mountain Days

NZ Photographic Journal

Photos by Dave Osmers
Arrangement by Dean Harliwich

High-country storytelling

Dave Osmers was a southern-born, Christchurch raised mountaineer, who shepherded and hunted across the great body of land known as Southern New Zealand (Te Waka a Māui).

Over his many years among the mountains, my grandfather's passion for photography took the shape of what is now one of the most comprehensive collections (and recollections) of Old Time New Zealand.

Dave's story is here made available to everyone in the hope of sharing something beautiful that happened, out there in the middle of nowhere.

"The deer winded us and took off, a mob of 18, and even with the snow up to three feet deep they travelled fast and didn’t look like stopping. So on we went knowing we would reach them before the head..."

"Probably the best recieved exhibition we've ever had"

- Queenstown Art Centre

Dave's photos have been brough to life in physical large-format for exhibition display in the Queenstown Art Gallery and around New Zealand.

We've also made an online story-board for sharing with anyone who enjoys mustering, adventures, and beautifully nostalgic New Zealand fine art photography.

A print series, and a small number of custom pieces are also available for purchase. Proceeds from sales supports Honest Means to power the work we do with startups and community groups 🙂

We hope you enjoy the nostalgia. Have a great journey, wherever life finds you, and maybe we'll see you somewhere down the road... cheers!


(Coming soon)

Solitude (Dave Osmers)-Whiteburn Hut-Walter Peak-Thumb