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I do tech & startup things.

Connecting, creating, adaptive learning, content development and facilitating are strengths I work to bring to each endeavour that I meet.

It is my great pleasure to work with incredible groups aimed to create wellbeing and strength in community, using strategy & collaboration to see the bigger picture. I like to link together opportunities & people, and try to match technical skills and strong systems thinking with a profound care for others. Lately I've been exploring how distributed tech can facilitate cooperative network leadership (see; DAO, Blockchain).

If you have more questions, or would like to chat, lets chat!
If you would like to support the work I do in the world, please consider exploring the Art exhibition on this website and purchasing something you like, or by promoting my services (web dev, strategy, facilitation) to friends where I might be of help.

Take care out there!

Dean Harliwich

Creative sampler

Magma Gallery

Magma Gallery is a bespoke framing workshop and art gallery based in The Tannery - a boutique retail hub that marries together trend and tradition to great effect. Magma Gallery exhibits celebrated New Zealand creatives with diversity and flair, mixing in their own superb craft to perfectly frame your treasured art, bringing it to the next level. 

Campbell Conservation

Heritage and history are the road that life travelled to arrive at today. Lynn Campbell's incredible work as a conservator restores and reinvigorates precious, beloved art with a level of skill, care and artisanry that many would say is unparalleled in New Zealand.

Robin Ferris Music

With over 35 years of performance experience, Robin B Ferris is a celebrated live musician and entertainer ready for any gig situation. His musical repertoire spans a half-century to life with stylistic flair, good humour and genuine connection.